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Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

1)describe the drawing briefly.

2)explain its intended meaning, and

3)give you comments.

Nowadays few of us read extensively after we leave school. This tendency is rather disturbing, for one should know that reading extensively are no less necessary to one’s mental life than fresh air to one’s physical life. As is vividly shown in the picture above, a huge book is lying above green grass and beautiful flowers. Beside some yellow sunflowers which are surrounded by lovely butterflies, there is a topic which says: “reading”.

From reading extensively, we can derive companionship, experience and instruction. First and foremost, a good book is our faithful friend. It can increase our contentment when we are cheerful and happy, and lessen our pain when we are sad or lonely. Furthermore, reading extensively can also offer us a wide range of experiences. In reading we may join tourists marveling at incredible power of Niagara Falls, mingle with the happy throngs strolling in the Paris boulevards and experience the bitterness or joy of people in different lands and in different times. Few of us can travel far from home or live long over one hundred, but all of us can live many lives through the pages of books. The last but not the least, reading extensively can increase our intellectual ability, broaden our minds and make us wise.

Though with the advent of TV and Internet, books are no longer read as extensively as they once were, nothing can replace the role that reading extensively plays in our lives.






nowadays当今 few很少 extensively广泛地 tendency倾向 rather相当 disturbing令人担忧的 necessary必需的 mental精神的 fresh新鲜的 physical生理的 vividly生动地 huge巨大的 sunflower向日葵surround环绕 lovely可爱的 butterfly蝴蝶 derive获得 companionship伴侣 experience经验 instruction教益 first and foremost首先 faithful忠实的 increase增添 contentment快乐 cheerful高兴的 happy幸福的 lessen减轻 pain痛苦 sad伤心的 lonely孤独的 furthermore此外 offer提供 a wide range of各种 tourist游客 marvel赞叹 incredible难以置信的 Niagara Falls尼亚加拉瀑布 mingle 交往 throng人群 stroll漫步 Paris巴黎 boulevard林荫大道 experience体验 bitterness痛苦 joy快乐 the last but not the least最后 intellectual ability知识技能 broaden开阔 mind眼界 wise聪明智慧的 though尽管 advent出现 Internet互联网 no longer不再 once曾经 replace取代 role作用 play发挥


国内写作考试已经多次考察关于“读书”的话题,分别是1991年专业四级真题“My View on Reading Extensively”,1999年6月四级真题“Reading Selectively or Extensively”(有选择阅读还是博览群书),2015年英语(一)小作文“推荐书籍”等。2012年莫言成为首个获得诺贝尔文学奖的大陆作家,掀起了全国范围的读书热,希望考生引起重视。


Novels require that we use our own imagination to visualize the settings, characters and events, allowing us to become an active participant in the story.小说要求我们运用自己的想象力使背景、人物和事件形象化,允许我们成为故事中积极的参与者。

Reading are gratifying in its own way and can people to relax and unwind.读书有令人满意的地方并且可以帮助人们放松休闲。

Whether you are reading a book in your native language or a foreign tongue, you can always enhance your language skills.不管你读的书是母语还是外语写的,你总是能提高自己的语言技能。